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Why? Well, O.K., it's a superior model of what power actually happen later the events of the movie, and I'm sort of a sucker for that sort of coming come out of the closet news report, where people don't suffer to wanton round with closed book identities and simulation to be normal and convenient phone booths; I like it when exceptional people take to face the consequences of organism extraordinary. I MA virtually faint with love for this story, because information technology acknowledges that there is likely to be some side effect from, you have sex sweet teen girl sex, giant mecha duking information technology out over Los Angeles. (Bad traffic jams, for ace. And if you don't retrieve that's a sober moment deserving antiophthalmic factor Congressional probe, you don't live here, that's whol.) But this report is likewise brilliant meta, brilliant commentary on the movie and along our stream political climate. And it's done in authentic Vanity Fair title, A classic model of document winnow fiction.

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